The Coming Economic Crisis in the West and the Mayan Calendar
by Carl Johan Calleman


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Superficially, the United States economy seems now to be doing just fine considering recent growth reports. Nonetheless, it is on steroids and if we look at the situation more deeply we will realize that it is not a matter of, if an economic crisis will hit the West, but when.

Is United States going down?
Recently a discussion based on the Mayan calendar regarding an upcoming economic crisis in the United States has emerged. As I have shown in my forthcoming book: The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness the Mayan calendar does indeed with great accuracy describe the ups and downs of the current economic system and this by itself is an important piece of news.

Considering that we are getting deeper into a new Underworld, a new stage in the evolution of consciousness, such a discussion is indeed very much needed.

Superficially, the United States economy seems now to be doing just fine considering recent growth reports. Nonetheless, it is on steroids and if we look at the situation more deeply we will realize that it is not a matter of, if an economic crisis will hit the West, but when.

We are then not talking about a crisis in a traditional sense, as part of a growth recession cycle in the economic activities, but more of a civilizational crisis.

The whole framework of "economy" is about to shift. This shift may, based on the Mayan calendar, be expected to be precipitated by an altered relationship, also in economic terms, between East and West.

And it seems obvious that the relationship especially of China, but also of other Asian nations, to the West is now undergoing a significant transformation. The US debt to China, whose economy of 1.25 billion people grows close to 10 % a year, is currently at about $ 100 billion.

Asia is feeding the US
Paradoxically as it may seem, some of the steroids in the US economy are actually coming from Asian nations, that by buying dollars and US Governmental bonds help pay for the $ 500 billion deficit in the US congressional budget. The idea is apparently that by helping to keep the US economy afloat the Asian nations will fuel their own exports and so keep the wheels turning. The problem with this is that at the current negative-real-interest-rate holders of US bonds and assets loose money and this holds true also for the central banks of some Asian nations.

Thus, this situation, which ultimately goes back to the altered relationship between the East and the West can not be perpetuated forever. Again, it is more a question of when, than if, this balance will collapse. The point to realize here is that we are approaching not a temporary recession or depression, but more like a civilizational crisis.

At the heart of the matter is the very notion of value and to realize this we may make a thought experiment. Suppose that, for whatever reason, all the world’s banking and stock computers would suddenly suffer from head crashes, meaning that all records of possession of stock, bank accounts, options, etc would be erased. What would be the consequence of such a simultaneous head crash?

Well, none of the buildings, machinery, agriculture, mines, means of transportation or human competence would be lost and so nothing of value – from the perspective of human sustenance – would be lost.

The world could easily pick up the day after, except for because of the effects of the emotional shock wave. What would be lost however would be zillions of dollars in cyberspace, numbers in bank account symbolizing abstract holdings.

But if nothing of substance would be lost this would logically mean that the total amount of holdings today in paper money, bank accounts, stock, bonds, options etc is totally worthless.

The only reason paper and cyber assets seems to have value is that large numbers of people agree to participate in the same global monopoly game.

Left brain dominance is Western sphere dominance
Ultimately, the whole idea of assigning an abstract value to commodities goes back to the left brain dominance throughout the stage in the Mayan calendar called the National Underworld that goes back to 3115 BCE.

In this Underworld not only the left brain, but also the Western Hemisphere has dominated the world. This Underworld brought the dominance of the abstracting left brain to a point where paper bills began to be used in its thirteenth baktun starting in AD 1617: In Europe, this initially took place in Sweden, but later was taken up in England and its American colonies.

The point to realize is that this step, that ultimately today’s economy of abstract values goes back to represented a decisive step towards paper and cyber money.

If, for instance, you look at a cow, the left brain may see
$ 1000 of worth, whereas the right brain will be more inclined to see a living cow. This is the abstract-concrete polarity of the human brain, where the left sees things through the abstract mode.

Point of no return is reached
According to the Mayan calendar we have now since the beginning of 1999 entered an Underworld, which favors the Eastern Hemisphere, which is becoming very obvious in economic terms. But through holographic resonance it also favors the right, concrete mode, hemisphere of the brain, and there is nothing anyone can do to turn this development around.

Sooner or later then the whole idea of an economy based on an abstract notion of value is going to collapse because of the mental changes that the cosmic plan now propels.

Along with this will go much of the global means of tender, the monetary system. It would be naive not to think that this will hurt, especially the many that have not realized the nature of the Galactic Underworld.

Yet, we should realize that if we are beginning to see things concretely the way they are then that is unmistakably also by itself a step on humanity’s path towards Enlightenment.

This is very paradoxical and maybe most difficult to face for people in the West and the United States. Hence, while many cultural creatives realize that the way of the future is to integrate the more female values of the right brain halves. This very same process will however also lead to an end to the abstracting way of perceiving value that is likely to result in an economic crisis in the United States.

What is coming to an end as part of the Enlightenment process is the whole notion of objectifying the external reality as distinct from ourselves and giving it abstract values to be traded.

The detailed course of events is unpredictable, but not the overall evolution of consciousness.

June 6, 2004 - The beginning of the crisis?
In my view then, it is really Quetzalcoatl that will bring this economic crisis to the United States in particular and the West in general. Quetzalcoatl now favors the concrete perception of the world of the right brain half. Then, we also know that these expressions that in one way or another will precipitate an economic crisis should come during a period of light in the Galactic Underworld.

This points to June 6, 2004, the midpoint of the current Night, as the beginning of the approach to the economic crisis, which would be expected to blow out fully by the beginning of the fourth Day of the Galactic Underworld on December 4, 2004.

This shift in human perception will amount both to an economic crisis and a balancing of the brain halves as a step towards Enlightenment. Yet, of course, it seems that those that are able to enter the field of intuitive telepathic contact at the Oneness Celebration of June 6-8 will amongst themselves find ways of developing an economy and means of exchange which are fair life and consistent with the flow towards harmony on Earth.

As part of the process towards Oneness, the separation based on duality will come to an end and so the economy based on the abstract calculations of the left brain will cease to dominate.

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