Illuminating the 2012 event

David Wilcock


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The science supports the core quotes from the original Law of One material very nicely. It is a very advanced science and unfortunately I still understand it more than anyone else, because I haven't yet published the full extent of the discoveries I've made. There's 264 volumes of research and it's still growing. I wish I could share it all right now, honestly, but this is serious work. In time I will get most of it out there, but I do the best I can with the available time I've got.

The actual Law of One series makes it very clear that the following will occur after 2012 (technically 2011-2013):

  • all earth changes ("inconveniences") will cease after 2012;
  • the photon (which is the builder of all life, matter and energy) will shift to a whole new vibrational frequency (the green-ray) in 2012 - hence life, matter and energy will profoundly change as well; * the earth will be a "fourth-density positive planet" after 2012;
  • fourth-density life is "electrically incompatible" with third-density life;
  • fourth-density entities are segregated from third-density entities because they cannot cloak themselves otherwise for their own protection;
  • negative entities (like the negative elite) are segregated from fourth-density positive planets, enforced by strict quarantine protocols - hence no more Enron scandals, trrzts, wars, et cetera;
  • the earth will make an approximately 22-degree realignment on its axis when it shifts to fourth-density; and
  • an event we now call "Ascension" and Ra called "Harvest" will occur at this time.

The "gradualist" quote (there's only one) in the Law of One series basically says that it will probably take 100-700 years for the 3D entities to clear out. They did NOT specify whether these entities were in space-time or time-space in this process. The other data makes it clear that they are in time-space, i.e. the astral realm. This shift happens by a worldwide "vortex" event not unlike what happens right now in the Bermuda Triangle (BT) from time to time.

The BT vortex events seem to be triggered by planetary and stellar alignments in conjunction with solar activity. I'm sure in the future some great work will be done regarding the timing of these vortex events and how it correlates with astronomical positions. The BT is one of the 12 most significant "nodes" of the Earth's grid, and the Law of One directly states that the entire Grid shifts to a whole new frequency, which means a more complex, intricate geometry. This fires off the entire Earth as a sphere in the same way that the BT node fires off occasionally now, causing living beings and/or physical matter to disappear from this third-density reality.

There is an amazing amount of intel from the secret projects that shows they are VERY aware of what is going on with 2012. They don't understand it, they don't know exactly what it will do, but they are keenly aware that something very big is going to happen. I have been in direct contact with people who worked in top-secret programs that involved time travel, so they say - and in one case had meetings in person with the guy. I know for a fact he's not lying about what he experienced. Two others I know are personally acquainted with people who worked in this same project. There is a very powerful event that happens in 2012 that they all know about, and any time after that date is subject to the perceptions of the observer. Up until then it's all relatively fixed.

In this Ascension/Harvest, you assimilate the wisdom of ALL your incarnations on earth and distill yourself down to a pure vibration. This is major, epic stuff and by no means constitutes business as usual.

Ever since the cherished first morning that I began communicating with my Higher Self, it was made clear to me that we were heading into a spontaneous event of some kind. Sentences like this were nestled in with other sentences that proved to be amazingly accurate prophecies of events in my own future as well as the future of the planet. I have also been wrong - like with the y2k collapse - because if you believe something strongly enough (I was a real Art Bell fan at the time) it can color your channeling because you KNOW it is true. So ultimately you must trust your own instincts.

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