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As a follow up on the article of the freemasons 2012 revelations, new information is presented in this update of the main article.

The Pleiades star cluster depicted in the ‘Tracing Board’ reveals yet another clue that was not mentioned in the main article. This information links the ‘Tracing Board’ with Stonehenge.


In the article ‘Stonehenge Summer Solstice Galactic Alignment’ it was demonstrated how the Pleiades were used as a pointer to the Sun on the Milky Way, in other words to a Galactic Alignment.

This information is encoded by means of the Winterbourne Stoke barrows south west of Stonehenge that represent the Pleiades star cluster. A template was created of the Pleiades in the skies as they appear on the summer solstice of 1998 (year of Galactic Alignment). In the template the Pleiades are connected with the summer solstice Sun.


Summer solstice 1998. The Pleiades show the way to the Sun



Template of the Pleiades pointing into the direction
 of the summer solstice sun

When the template was superimposed on the Winterbourne Stoke barrows at Stonehenge, much to my surprise the template aligned with Stonehenge. From this the conclusion was drawn that Stonehenge encodes a summer solstice Galactic Alignment.

 Stonehenge encoding a summer solstice Galactic Alignment

In addition it was demonstrated how the Pleiades align with Stonehenge at dawn on the summer solstice of 1998


Pleiades appear over the River Avon (representing the Milky Way)
at sunrise on the summer solstice of 1998.


Tracing Board

Surprisingly, the ‘Tracing Board’ seems to convey the same concept that was used at Stonehenge, the concept of using the Pleiades as a way shower to the Sun on the Milky Way and encoding a Galactic Alignment in this way.

Now compare these two pictures:

. .

This new piece of evidence in my opinion is the final proof that the creators of the ‘Tracing Board’ indeed intended to encode a Galactic Alignment with their mysterious picture.

We may even raise the question if the Scottish Rite freemasons are aware of the fact that Stonehenge encodes exactly what’s been depicted in their Tracing Board? The fact of the matter is that they could have used a dozen of other stars and star clusters as a substitute of the Pleiades if they wanted to denote a star or star clusters close to the summer solstice sun such as Orion, but they have chosen to use the Pleiades.


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