Chapter 12 Awakening


Rewriting history

History has proven Edgar Cayce to be right about many of the predictions he made. For one he predicted that Atlantis would be discovered and that along with it Atlantean knowledge would be restored on Earth. The greatest and most promising archaeological discovery in the waters of Cyprus was announced in the very same week this final chapter is written. So the timing is just perfect to start drawing some final conclusions in the last chapter of this book.

All around the world researchers are looking for the remains of Atlantis, Mu and/or Lemuria and their research has already been successful. Underwater structures and even pyramids- the possible remains of Mu - have been found in the waters the Japanese islands of Okinawa and Yonaguni. These structures must be at least 12.500 years old since they are found on the sea floor that submerged underwater at the ending of the last Ice Age, around 10.500 BC. A very remarkable announcement was made on the 15th of November 2004 when Robert Sarmast held a press conference revealing the discovery of the city of Atlantis in the waters of Cyprus, exactly where Plato situated it.

We will most likely hear a lot more about the latest discovery of Atlantis. Although no real artefacts or physical evidence has yet been recovered, it is not presumptuous to conclude that Atlantis is not a myth after all, and that Edgar Cayce was right all along about his prediction of the recovery of Atlantis.

This is how I feel our history books may be rewritten concerning the destruction of Atlantis in the future, combining the work of Edgar Cayce, David Wilcock, Robert Sarmast, Drunvalo Melchizedek and other sources:

A global catastrophe in the form of a pole shift led to the destruction of a highly civilized culture, the continent of Atlantis, around 10.500 B.C. The imminent pole shift was known about a long time before it actually happened. This allowed many of the inhabitants of Atlantis to flee to other parts of the globe before the catastrophe hit. Many Atlanteans fled to North and South America and the Middle East, particularly Egypt. It is a significant fact that almost every religion has flood myth stories very similar to the Biblical story of Noah and the Ark. There are at least 230 cultures known around the world that have similar cataclysmic flood stories! The most credible explanation why these flood stories show up in all religions all over the world is that they are based on the actual historical fact of the inundation of Atlantis. Survivors of the flood helped to shape new civilizations all over the world. The first was the Sumerian culture; the oldest known civilization on Earth that quite suddenly arose from the Stone Age. Historians today have no explanation as to why the Sumerian civilization rose to such heights in such a short time. The only signs of Atlantis show up with Plato (427 –347 BC). Plato learned about Atlantis from stories by the Greek Solon (638- 559 BC), one of the Seven Wise Men of Greece. Solon in his turn learned about Atlantis from stories related by the Egyptian high priest Sonchis. After his visit to Egypt he wrote the epic poem Atlantikos, an unfinished manuscript that 150 years later landed in the hands of Plato who used this source to write his two books the ‘Timaeus’ and the unfinished ‘Critias’. These books are the only references we have today to the mythological lost continent, but for centuries the possibility of its existence has intrigued scores of people.

Edgar Cayce’s readings mentioned that the migrations of Atlanteans took place in different time frames in ancient history. The Cayce readings mention that Atlantean people entered America from both the east and west in 28.000 B.C. The last and largest migration occurred during the years approaching 10.000 B.C due to the anticipated pole shift. The majority of these refugees fled to North America becoming the native Indian tribe, the Iroquois. 

Genetic research performed by Gregory L. Little in August 2001 on the origins of mitochondrial DNA now seem to corroborate Edgar Cayce’s stories. Mitochondrial DNA is believed to be the remnant of a bacterium that has entered the human cell somewhere along our long timeline of evolution and henceforth symbiotically lives within the cell. Mitochondria have their own DNA, the mtDNA that is only passed on in the female lineage. There are only 39 different clusters of mtDNA, the so-called 39 haplogroups that appear in the human cell. The mtDNA has a very slow evolution speed and has practically changed very little over thousands of years. This mtDNA is therefore very suitable for genetic research to trace the origins and migrations of cultures all over the world. Researchers now believe that Atlanteans were carriers of the X type haplogroup of mitochondrial DNA that can be traced back to the very same regions and dates in history of mass migrations that were given by Edgar Cayce. In addition, the spreading of the B type haplogroup seems to correspond with the stories given by Edgar Cayce about the spreading and migration of the civilization Mu.

Cayce mentioned that besides Atlantis another earlier highly advanced civilization had existed, Lemuria or Mu that resided in the Southern Pacific, between North America and Asia. The culture of Lemuria collapsed and was destroyed around 50.000 BC and its survivors fled to countries like China and Japan.  

Last century, many scientists studied the Asian Vedic scriptures because there were striking parallels between the knowledge contained within these scriptures and quantum science. Fritjof Capra in 1975 wrote the book ‘The Tao of physics’ and studied the parallels in detail that seemed more than mere coincidence. The physicist Paul La Violette who developed the aether theory of sub-quantum kinetics (see chapter 6 ‘Ether vibrations’), is convinced that his sub-quantum kinetics explaining the creation of matter from the aether as standing waves, is reflected in many if not all of the ancient creation myths. From the Hindu creation myth of Vishnu, the Egyptian myth of Atum, the myth of Isis and Osiris, the Greek myth of Zeus and the Babylonian creation myth Enuma Elish, they have many striking similarities. La Violette is even convinced that his physics is embedded metaphorically in the fortune telling cards of the Tarot and the signs of the Zodiac.

All ancient creation myths portray similar stories of the wars of the Gods of the Heavens trying to restore order from the chaos. According to La Violette the significance of these wars is that it is a metaphor for the second law of Thermodynamics, the struggle of order with entropy. These ‘Gods of the Heavens’ are in a constant battle to restore order and seek equilibrium from the chaotic fluctuations occurring from the aether’s primordial state. Many of these myths also speak of serpents and dragons involved in these combats. In my opinion these serpents symbolize the phi spirals of light that emerge as stable standing waves from the aether once entropy is vanquished and the Gods are defeated.

Another recurring theme in many ancient creation myths is the primeval waters that existed before creation. These waters are metaphors for the aether itself. It is from the primeval waters that the creation of the universe originated. The parting of the tranquil primeval waters mentioned in these creation myths, is the metaphor for how the equilibrium state of the aether and the laws of entropy are locally disturbed by the natural occurring fluctuations in the aether, such that when these fluctuations reach a critical threshold, a stable wave form will form, the electromagnetic standing wave of light.
Even the book of Genesis speaks of the Spirit of God dwelling over the waters and how He divided the waters from the waters. God spoke ‘let there be light and there was light’!

In ‘Genesis of the Cosmos’, Paul La Violette finally writes:

‘If anything, the discovery of advanced science in ancient myths and
lore should give us reason to pause and take a broader view of modern achievements, to realize that we may not be the first scientifically advanced culture to inhabit this planet’.

The most logical explanation I believe as to why scriptures that are thousands of years old contain scientific knowledge that puzzles our scientists today is that the source of this knowledge can most likely be traced back to the survivors of earlier civilizations who attained a scientific understanding equalling our own. Today we believe that our current civilization is the pinnacle of evolution; however the discoveries of an ancient science that we are just starting to understand, together with the archaeological discoveries of underwater structures belonging to cultures that must be at least thousands of years older than the Sumerian culture, force us to awaken from our dream.

Following the same reasoning, the Egyptian culture may also have its origins in Atlantis. The scientific facts discovered about the Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau make it very unlikely that the pyramid was built by the late Egyptian dynasty as a grave tomb for Pharaoh Khufu. Only a highly civilized culture like Atlantis could have had access to a technology and a science that allowed them to build the Great Pyramid with such mathematical and astronomical precision. So it may well be that survivors of Atlantis are the founding fathers of the Egyptian culture during the ‘Zep Tepi’ or ‘First Time’, around 10.500 years B.C, as Edgar Cayce has suggested.

The South American cultures of the Aztecs, the Incas and the Mayas and the indigenous cultures of North America, the native Indians, still puzzle scholars today. Although the link between the Mayas and Atlantis is harder to prove since the Maya culture is of this millennium, the fact is that they were excellent sky watchers and that they knew about the precession of the equinoxes, cycles of solar activity and had precise notions of the revolutions of the planets, giving rise to the Mayan Long Count calendar. In order to understand precession, the Mayas had to notice that the stars in the heavens slowly change their positions by 1 degree every 72 years. This is a very, very small change in the heavens to be noticed by the naked eye over such long time spans! And then there is their calendar for Venus that is accurate to within only 2 hours per 500 years! These are facts that cannot easily be explained.

The Mayan culture is not the only culture that recognised and expressed the importance of the precession of the equinoxes, Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor of science Giorgio de Santillana and University of Frankfurt professor of science Hertha von Dechend studied the ancient myths and found conclusive evidence that the wobbling of the Earth axis over long periods of 26.000 years was known to many ancient cultures. They published their conclusions in the book ‘Hamlet’s Mill: An Essay Investigating the Origin of Human Knowledge and its Transmission through Myth’.

Twenty first century scientific knowledge that pops up in ancient cultures also shows up in the Jewish Kabbalah and the Christian Bible. The Old Testament contains knowledge that cannot easily be explained. For one thing Daniel Winter proved that the Hebrew alphabet, the language of the oldest version of the Old Testament is designed from the shadows of the Phi spiral in a tetrahedron. The Hebrew alphabet therefore is a manual for creating matter. The angles required for the rotation of the Phi spiral inside the tetrahedron such that it creates the shadows of Hebrew characters, are the same angles required to nest the torus doughnuts into the Platonic symmetries.

The authors of the Old Testament quite clearly had access to knowledge that doesn’t correspond with the scientific development of the cultures of their time, although no one exactly knows the age of the Old Testament. The possibility that Atlantean knowledge was preserved in the old scriptures, is something we now must consider.

Revival of Atlantean knowledge

Edgar Cayce mentioned that the Atlantean science and knowledge would eventually return to Earth. I believe that the rediscovery of the ancient science of sacred geometry, the rediscovery of the significance of the Platonic solids in both the implosion physics of Daniel Winter and the aether theory of David Wilcock, are in fact the revivals of an ancient science that acknowledged the existence of the aether. This ancient science can be traced back to Atlantis. Actually there are more scientists who have also discovered the significance of the Platonic Solids in the model of the atom but who are not mentioned earlier in this book. I’d like to mention Dr. Robert J. Moon who in 1986 rendered the complete table of the elements from the Platonic Solids. However it was Plato who first described the Platonic Solids as the building blocks of the atom. Plato’s claim became more credible when Dr. Hans Jenny’s experiments proved that in a vibrating spherical fluid all of the Platonic solids emerge as vibration patterns. This has led to the development of implosion physics that only needed the hypothesis of the aether ‘fluid’ to explain how vortexes in the aether arrange themselves around these Platonic solids.
If the emerging aether theories that form an explanation for both the physical and the consciousness realms are accepted by mainstream science, we have a final ‘theory of everything’. It would be a revolution in science that could lead to a spiritual renaissance and a scientific paradigm shift.

In this ‘theory of everything’, science and spirituality merge into a universal wisdom. Dr. Smelyakov suggested that evolution is not a linear process but happens in spirals. The knowledge that is now about to break through in science is therefore only a revival of past knowledge that once belonged to the ancients and the lost civilization of Atlantis. Most likely all ancient spiritual esoteric wisdom can be traced back to earlier civilizations like Atlantis, Mu or Lemuria. In this sense esoteric wisdom is essentially scientific knowledge about the Divine nature of our Universe. The dualism between science and spirituality is an artificial bifurcation that was only introduced by Descartes because he believed that our reality could perfectly be explained without a call for a Divine cause.

Descartes made a just decision at the time. We could never have made the scientific progress we have made today if science was still constrained by religious dogma. Therefore we owe Descartes a lot. Thanks to men like Descartes and Newton, we’ve had the chance to understand and research our reality with strict objectivity. However the more science progressed, the less objective reality itself seemed to be. We’ve demonstrated this abundantly throughout this book. However the painful legacy of the Cartesian bifurcation now is that science has a very hard time to accept that perhaps after all there is a Divine cause in the Universe.

Atlantean knowledge was a universal wisdom an integration of both science and spirituality. The Atlanteans simply didn’t make the distinction like we have for the last three hundred years. How else can we explain that scriptures thousands of years old exist which contain so much knowledge that is both spiritual and scientific in nature? It is only because our own current civilization has reached a level of scientific maturity such that we can now start to see these scriptures in a whole new context.

One can argue that Eastern spiritual traditions achieved their universal knowledge not by arcane scientific means but by means of esoteric principles like introspective meditation. In a state of higher consciousness, adepts had access to primordial knowledge stored within the Akashic records. Although this may very well be true, I still think there is reason enough to assume that the ancient Vedic culture got their initial wisdom from earlier civilizations.

We have amply demonstrated in this book that frontier-breaking scientists are now discovering the existence of an all-pervading energy aether field that they believe is the source of both the physical realm and non-physical realm of consciousness. Ancient cultures have told us for thousands of years the very same thing. This energy field was known in different cultures by different names like Prana, Ki, Chi and Akasha. Science simply refused to believe that it could ever be real and in the West we believed it to be a superstitious and primitive thought.

For thousands of years eastern sages have also told us that the distinction between the material and the immaterial realm is superficial and that in reality a universal consciousness is the source of all manifestations. Frontier scientists start telling us now exactly the same thing; there is only one substance the aether, the source of both the physical and the mental world.

Physical things only appear to be separate things; however they are all manifestations of one universal source, the aether that uses form and not substance to create the illusion of separateness. Since aether is also conscious energy, the essence of the universe is universal consciousness. Using the same reasoning about the illusionary nature of separate physical things, then our individual consciousness must be an illusion too. Individual consciousness is a fraction of the whole, a holographic part of universal consciousness.

Spiritual traditions called the illusionary nature of separateness maya and claimed that the true nature of the universe is Oneness. Hinduism tells us that everything is the manifestation of the One infinite Creator, Brahman. What we see as individual physical realities are therefore illusions that hide the Oneness of the universe from our view. Buddhism teaches the importance of rejecting the ego. Siddhartha Gautama, the original Buddha, while sitting under the Bo tree awakened to the universal consciousness realizing that it is our clinging on to our individual ego that is the source of all pain and suffering. Hinduism and Taoism also teach that the belief in a separate ego is false. The spiritual seeker finds his way to Brahman by travelling the path where he has to undo himself from his false belief in the reality of his ego. Belief in a separate ego is a misconception; it’s the barrier that separates the seeker from his Creator.

Many mainstream scientists discovered that coherence in the universe seems to be the rule and not the exception. Whereas on the surface our physical reality seems to consist of separate things, science is actually discovering the holistic nature of our universe. The universe cannot be fully understood if we isolate it into separate things. Ervin Laszlo’s A-field shows that everything on an informational level in the universe is eventually connected with everything else. Quantum science reveals that quantum entangled particles act in unison as if they are One. No matter how far they are separated in the universe nor how much time has passed; they keep their entangled relationship forever. Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum’s experiments showed that individual minds can be connected and that stimuli administered to one person can show up in the EEG of another.

Scientists like Daniel Winter, David Wilcock, Amit Goswami and others believe that consciousness is not restricted to biological life forms per se. They believe that consciousness is an intrinsic property of the universe itself and it may manifest itself in many forms. All physical objects from subatomic particles to stars and planets are believed to be sentient life forms. Although this idea may seem absurd at first, indigenous tribes like the Native American Indians and the aboriginals have always told us about the sacredness of the land and its rocks. They believe that everything has a soul and that the land itself is alive! Ancient mythology is full of stars and planets that were attributed Divine like personalities, the Gods of the Heavens. We still believe that the ancients just had a very primitive understanding of reality and, being in awe of the cosmos, they attributed Divine properties to the stars. To their primeval minds it was the only way to understand reality. Maybe it is just us who have things upside down? Today 21st century scientists are saying that our universe as a whole is one sentient being that is evolving. James Lovelock was one of the first to postulate his Gaia hypotheses claiming that the Earth itself is a sentient being. These scientists are now saying that God is simply ‘All that is’. If God is ‘All that is’, His consciousness must also be in the land and its rocks, and the stars and planets of this universe.


So finally scientists are freeing themselves from their shackles, their self-imposed dogma that all reality must be objective and deterministic and that God is no part of the game. Science is starting to reveal that a universal consciousness exists that is present everywhere and in everything.

If we accept this as a fact, we can finally blend science with Eastern esoteric wisdom and present a grand new vision on a silver platter; a new global awareness that is being birthed on this planet in this remarkable epoch of human history:

Our individual consciousness is not separate from the universal consciousness, from God. We are and never were separated from God. The ego is simply a false belief in an individual self. Just as there is no duality in the material and the immaterial world, nor is there duality between the individual consciousness of man and the universal consciousness of God. Therefore we are divine creatures. I believe that this is exactly what the historical Jesus of Nazareth, awakened to Christ consciousness, was teaching mankind. However mankind failed to understand Him. In His time there were only few who really understood and believed His words.

Most of us grew up with the belief that only God is divine and that man is born with original sin, the hereditary stain of being descendant from Adam. The idea that God and man are One is taken as blasphemy by our religions; man is born as a sinner and needs to repent to God for the rest of his life. Dogma like these throughout the ages have been used by religions to establish their power and subject their believers to a theological ideology. It is based on fear; fear that if our sins are not forgiven, God’s wrath will come down upon us. If we live a sinful life we will be punished and sent to Hell. The Catholic Church officially supports the dogma that children need to be baptized to wash off the sins of the parents that were committed in the act of conception! Christianity also teaches that Christ died on the cross for our sins. Christ repaid the dues for our sins, such that we can enter Heaven. But let’s think rationally for God’s sake, if God created us with a free will, why would he judge us if we’re acting in free will? How can we ever do anything against God’s will if it was God’s will in the first place that man should have a free will? If God were to judge us for acting out of free will, he would be an imperfect God wouldn’t he? It would mean that He just made a little mistake in the design of man, and then had to provide a manual, the Ten Commandments, as a prescription of all the do’s and don’ts, the laws to abide by, to make up for His own imperfection. Wake up, there is no sin, all we do is God’s will! There is no duality between your free will and God’s will! Exoteric religions created the cliché of God being an old judgmental man with a beard looking down upon the sinning folks from Heaven, in order to establish their own power on Earth!

All over the world Muslim religious leaders in the last decade tend to radicalise the same idea! They are appealing now to their believers to follow the will of God and start a holy war, a Jihad to subject the non-believers to ‘the only true religion of Islam’. Fundamentalists feel the end Judgment Day is near and use the Koran as a license to kill all the non-believers in God’s name. The believers of these dogmas are driven by intense fear, the fear that God will punish them too if they do not obey the strictest of laws imposed by Islam. Only by living the Koran to the letter they can they escape from God’s punishment that will be upon us all now very soon.

The reason why we are raised with these fear driven religions is because Christianity lost all its authentic roots during the first ecumenical council at Nicea in 325 A.D. in modern day Turkey. During this first ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic Church, the church proclaimed the first Catholic dogma, the creed that Jesus of Nazareth was a Divine Christ, the Son of God. To establish this dogma, Christianity’s esoteric roots and paganistic background had to be eradicated. The Roman Catholic Church selectively picked the gospels that were canonically (a canon is a list of admitted bible books) admitted. By doing this, the Church was able to firmly and definitely constitute its power. All ancient wisdom and legacies of our collective Atlantean history were deliberately destroyed and the West was robbed from all its arcane wisdom. It drastically changed the cause of our Western spiritual evolution!

Dan Brown the author of the ‘Da Vinci Code‘ brought the whole subject to the public’s attention and claims that many things that we were taught about Jesus were wrong. Understandably Christians all over the world now fiercely debate and reject the claims made by Dan Brown in his book. However, it is alleged that the Catholic Church today still keeps many secrets in the vaults of the Vatican.

For one thing there are indications that before 325 AD Christianity accepted reincarnation as a part of its theology, however this ‘pagan’ belief was eradicated because it could undermine the Church’s power. If we live so many lives, then why strive to live a good and sinless life in this life? There is still plenty of time and plenty of lives to live before we reach Heaven aren’t there? So why should we obey the Church’s rules?
After the Nicea council, the suppressed esoteric wisdom could only survive in secret underground Gnostic circles. Members of these circles had to make a vow to keep the teachings within the circle. There was a death penalty for breaking the secrecy code. It was by grace of these Gnostic circles and Freemasonry that a science like sacred geometry was preserved for future generations. Leonardo Da Vinci was a member of such a secret circle, the Priory of Sion, and as we have shown in chapter 5 ‘Revival of an ancient science’ he used sacred geometry in his art.
Although it is written in the Bible that God created man equal to his own image, today we find it very hard to believe that this may actually be true and that maybe every one of us is truly a spark of the Divine.

But what if we allowed ourselves for a moment to believe that God did indeed create us in his own image? What if we are His co-creators? What if our surrounding ‘objective reality’ proves to be only a projection of our own consciousness? Could it be that it was we who created reality all along? Then God did not forsake us after all, did he? Many people today have lost their faith since they cannot believe that if there is a God, why he allows all these terrible things in the world. But what if we were doing it to ourselves all along? Maybe we are spiritual beings having a material experience instead of material beings having a spiritual experience?

Eastern spirituality would call this realization an awakening, enlightenment, the realization that we are One with God. Many people throughout history have achieved this enlightenment; they awakened to the Christ consciousness, the universal consciousness, like Jesus of Nazareth did. The problem that Jesus had in his time is that nobody understood him. When he said ‘I and the Father are One’, he was crucified for these words because they were taken by the Pharisees as pure blasphemy.

Today many people will still crucify the enlightened idea that God and man are One, especially those who tend to support the idea that God is judgmental and man must be punished for his sins! However I believe that the current developments in science are leading us into the direction of a realization that our cosmos is Divine and that we are a part of the whole! This has been the true message of all the prophets including Jesus of Nazareth who were trying to bring Enlightenment to humanity. However in our fear of God we failed to recognize the truth! Fortunately today it is much easier than 2000 years ago to comprehend the very words of Jesus in a whole new context.

Jesus said ‘love your brother like you love yourself’. If we fail to love our brother like ourselves, we fail to recognize the Oneness and our own Divinity. Of all the six billion people that are walking the face of the Earth, in reality there is only One of us here! We are only different perspectives of the same universal consciousness!

The Law of One

Don Elkins had had a respectable career as a Professor of Engineering at the University of Louisville, held a PhD in Philosophy was the founder of the University of Alaska’s mechanical engineering department and had served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. Later he became a pilot on a Boeing 727. In 1965 he left his position to start investigating UFO and paranormal phenomena. He had founded L/L Research to start investigating reincarnation using hypnotic regression sessions in which subjects were led back to the early days of their youth, their birth and even to pre-conception stages of previous lives.
Later he started to investigate the UFO claims that were reported all over the United States. He had interviewed many abducted people who claimed they had been taken hostage by extraterrestrials for scientific research purposes. Later he formed a UFO contact group, consisting of people who were able to telepathically make contact with extraterrestrials using a technique called channelling.

This is when he met Carla L.Rueckert who proved to be a gifted medium who could make contact with entities who claimed to be extraterrestrial. On January 15th 1981, Carla L.Rueckert in the presence of Don Elkins unexpectedly went into a deep trance state. In the trance state she made contact with an entity that called itself ‘Ra’. This was the start of channelling spanning a four-year period that was compiled into a series of five books called the ‘Law of One’.

The entity ‘Ra’ identified itself as a ‘social memory complex’, a blended consciousness of a group soul that lived on the planet Venus millions of years ago. For 4 years in a row, the channelling continued in a question and answer style, Don Elkins posed questions to ‘Ra’ on wide a range of scientific and other subjects. The compelling evidence of a sophisticated scientific understanding not known to Earth came from the mouth of Carla Rueckert who did not have any scientific background whatsoever.

Ra explained that the civilization of a planet could evolve to a group consciousness where all individual consciousness blends, much like the collective unconsciousness of Carl Jung. The collective consciousness has access to all the experiences of all the individuals that ever lived in that civilization, the Akashic records.

According to Ra, planet Earth is approaching the end of a 75.000 year astronomical cycle of three successive precession cycles. This event is to culminate in the year 2012.

The entity Ra explained that they had intervened with the evolution of humanity dating back to the time of the Egyptians, where they decreed the ‘Law of One’. Members from the Ra group supposedly reincarnated on Earth to help humanity. It is for this reason that Ra-Ta and Toth, both originating from the Ra group, constructed the Great Pyramid at the Giza plateau* for healing purposes and initiation into higher spiritual realms.

* (The same claim stems from Edgar Cayce! Note also that in chapter 8
   ‘The Giza Plateau’ I mentioned that the central pyramid corresponds with
    the planet Venus and that putting this planet central may have been
    done on purpose to reveal its origin; Venus is the home planet of Ra!)

Ra called us humans populating the Earth, the ‘Souls of Distortion’. The ego concept, the belief in a separate individuality is a distorted view of reality according to Ra. The fundamental reality is that there is only One Infinite Creator and that all perceptions of individuality are simply illusions. Hence Ra’s teaching is called the ‘Law of One’. Ra incarnated into human life form in order to bring this teaching to the Egyptians.

Unfortunately the Egyptians did not awaken from their distortions and misunderstood the ‘Law of One’ and started to worship Ra instead as their God of the Sun. Since the teachings were not really grasped, the distortions of the ‘Law of One’ continued for the Earthlings.

Ra the Egyptian Sun God

In numerous sessions, Ra explains to Don Elkins the history our planet, its spiritual evolution, about life on other planets, earlier civilizations such as Atlantis, Lemuria or Mu. Ra explained that the evolution of the soul leads through multiple lives in the cycle of reincarnation. We all have lived many, many lives on many planets since the soul itself is eternal. Gradually the soul evolves into higher awareness and will reincarnate in higher dimensions, to finally reach the highest, the eighth density where the soul will be re-united with the consciousness of the One Infinite Creator.

Ra also gave in-depth scientific lectures and explained the octave-based nature of our universe consisting of multiple dimensions that he preferred to call densities.
Both the material and immaterial world is constructed from a universal aetheric spiritual energy that Ra called Love/Light energy. Ra explained that the Love/Light energy travels through the universe as a spiralling wave (torsion wave!) *. The seven different dimensions in the universe are different densities and vibration speeds of the same universal Love/Light energy that correspond with the seven white keys in the musical scale. Densities like the keys in the musical scale are recurring. After the seventh white key, the first key is repeated only one octave higher.

* (Note that Daniel Winter explained that the spiralling Golden waves
   that rush into the atom are light waves braided on the lo-Phi wave or love wave. So also Winter is saying that the torsion wave is a ‘loving’ light wave that is based on the Golden Mean Fibonacci sequence.

Matter is a vibration of this Love/Light energy and there is a unique relation between music, sound and geometry (the Platonic solids) that play a role in the construction of matter. The dimensions of the universe are constructed around the octave of the musical scale. Within the seven main dimensions there are another seven sub dimensions and so forth, ad infinitum. The planet Earth is a now a 3rd density planet but currently undergoing its transition into 4th density, now she has come at the end of a 75.000 year cycle, according to Ra.

Now these amazing scientific details were given a long time before frontier physicists discovered the very essentials of what Ra was saying. How do we explain such explicit knowledge that came from a woman with no scientific understanding whatsoever?

The Egyptian period referred to by Ra when they intervened on Earth may well have started in the 18th dynasty (1352- 1336 B.C) of Amenhotep IV better known as Akhenaten, the name he later adopted.

Offering by Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti to the Aten.

Akhenaten only reigned for nearly 18 years but he truly was responsible for a revolution in old Egypt. The Egyptians at the time worshipped a whole pantheon of deities, but Akhenaten threw all of them out and taught the Egyptians to only worship one God, the god of the solar disc, the Aten. Akhenaten lived in the great religious capital of Egypt, Thebes. He ordered the destruction of all the temples and statues of the pantheon of neters (deities) including the most popular neter at the time, Amun. A strong opposition rose against Akhenaten and eventually he had to flee from Thebes along with his wife and a host of followers. He founded a new city outside Thebes named Akhetaten, the horizon of Aten; the present day name of this city is El-Amarna.

Akehenaten single-handedly reformed the Egyptian religious culture from polytheism to monotheism. This is the first time in recorded history that the concept of one god, monotheism, was introduced.

Many historians now believe that Moses who led the Israelites out of Egypt and Akhenaten, who had to leave Thebes, are one and the same person. The stories are identical. One of the first to suggest this relation was Sigmund Freud. Freud is normally only associated with his work on psychoanalysis, but he also had a great interest in the Egyptian culture and in his final book ‘Moses and Monotheism’ he wrote about the alleged connection between Moses and Akhenaten.

Could it be that Akhenaten\Moses was just bringing the ‘Law of One’ to Earth? There are a few very coincidental facts here that may hint in this direction. Suppose Moses himself is indeed the author of the book Exodus that describes the exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt. Now Howard Middleton-Jones claims to have found the hiding place of the Ark of the Covenant, the Ark that contains the Ten Commandments that were given to Moses by God on Mount Sinai. Middleton-Jones says he has found convincing clues in the book Exodus that describe the construction of the Ark, but in fact are descriptions of the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid, where the Ark can be found.

Suppose Middleton-Jones is right and Moses indeed buried the Ark in the Great Pyramid. It means that he must have been involved in the construction of the Great Pyramid too. Another clue that links Moses to the Great Pyramid is the fact that the reference point on Peter Lemesurier’s pyramid timeline that demarcates the Exodus of Moses out of Egypt, coincides with a prominent place in the Great Pyramid, the base of the ascending path that leads to the King’s and Queen’s chamber.

Sources like Edgar Cayce and the ‘Law in One’ channelling claim that the ones who constructed the Great Pyramid are reincarnated descendants of the Ra group. This would link Akhenaten\Moses to Ra’s ‘Law of One’ and would explain why Akhenaten\Moses decreed monotheism.

The channelling of the ‘Law of One’ by Carla Rueckert although very remarkable is not unique; in 1969 Jane Roberts compiled a book ‘Seth speaks’ from a fifth dimension entity that identified itself as Seth. Surprisingly the teachings given by Ra and Seth meticulously and consistently sketch a science and cosmology that is now being corroborated by science.

According to the channelling of both Seth and the ‘Law of One’, humanity has always received help from extraterrestrials dwelling in higher dimensions of consciousness in the universe. Those entities have advanced further in the cycle of reincarnation towards the unity of the One. They want to help us in our evolution. In their understanding, the concept of separateness has ceased to exist and by helping us they are helping their own evolution! In order to understand this we must understand that basically we are multidimensional beings that exist in multiple densities at the same time; however humanity has lost its consciousness of it, according to Ra. Basically there is no difference between Ra and us, we’re One! This is how Ra sees us and that’s why they are helping!
By helping us they are helping lesser-developed parts of themselves to evolve as well so to speak. Ra speaks to us in terms of duality, us versus them for that is the only concept that humanity can understand, although to Ra this concept does not make any sense.

Ra in the ‘Law of One’ quite clearly states that they are now here to help us in our transition to the fourth density. They call the transition the harvest of the fourth density souls that after a long period of reincarnations are now ready to make the transition. The mysterious crop circles that started to appear two decades ago all over the world may just be the kind of extraterrestrial help that Ra is referring to.

Around the same time the crop circles started to appear, claims emerged about abductions by aliens. These claims from all over the world are often neglected; in most cases they are officially ridiculed. According to Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project, the U.S. government is intentionally ridiculing the UFO subject to mislead the public at large.

Today doubts still exist about the investigations carried out concerning the alleged UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947. Officially the U.S. Air Force Roswell case is closed, but the whole incident has all the hallmarks of a cover up. There seems to be an enormous increase in UFO sightings over Mexico City since 1991. Many amateur photographers have taken footage of UFO sightings and there are many eyewitness reports.

Very unexpectedly and for the first time in history an official UFO news story was issued by the Mexican Ministry of Defense about a UFO encounter that occurred in May 2004 in the skies over Mexico. On the 5th of May 2004, the Mexican Air Force recorded eleven unidentified flying objects on infrared film. In a television newsflash the pilots were explaining their encounter with these UFO’s and the footage of the encounter was broadcast on many stations across the world.
In front of the camera, Major Magdaleno Castanon explained that they had followed the UFO’s for at least 15 minutes. At one time they were very scared because the UFO’s suddenly made a full turn and came after their plane; all of a sudden they were all around them encircling the plane.

Now this official statement made by the Mexican government about a UFO sighting is unique. There have been lots of UFO sightings over Mexico and never before was there any official comment from the government. The question may be raised, why this sudden change in the policy about the UFO phenomenon? Maybe they can no longer keep the lid on it, and decided that it’s wiser to start informing the public at large about it? Let’s see if we will have more official reports about UFO sightings in the future.

Don’t worry that UFO’s will land on the White House lawn and take over control of this planet; these are all sci-fi horror fantasies. However I do believe that inter-dimensional extraterrestrial life has helped humanity throughout history with a positive intention to raise its consciousness. Now the time has come when humanity is speeding up its evolution to a critical threshold of scientific understanding, where we are discovering the divine nature of the universe, claims are that extraterrestrials are witnessing and guiding this very unique event. It will be a quantum leap in our evolution, a global Enlightenment.

The Dutch 24 year-old boy Robbert van den Broeke claims that he is able to make contact with aliens. He seems to sense their presence and he hears a high-pitched chirping when they are present. The next thing he does is he takes his photo camera and starts to take pictures of them! Strange things appear in front of his camera, like light emitting spheres and aliens. He keeps a complete collection of these photographs. He also has footage of aliens that appeared in front of his ordinary video 8 camera!

Somehow he has developed a sense for the appearance of crop circles in his surroundings as well; as soon as he feels there’s one coming he jumps on his bike and of he goes into the fields. He says he has often witnessed how crop circles are made. They are accompanied by glowing spheres of white light, called Orbs. He claims the Orbs are intelligent and says he’s able to communicate with them telepathically.

He drew the attention of a Dutch television team that wanted proof of his hilarious claims! They handed him two cameras, an ordinary Polaroid camera, and a digital camera and under the watching eye of the TV camera he was asked to do his ‘magic trick’. The journalists were flabbergasted and couldn’t believe their eyes when pictures started to show up on the digital camera! The images also showed up on the Polaroid camera after development! Here’s just one of his pictures taken with the camera crew as eyewitnesses:

Picture taken by Robbert van den Broeke

Most people simply ignore any claims made about the existence of alien life forms; however the problem is that these claims are very persistent and have only increased in recent decades


The return of the prophet

Edgar Cayce before he died promised that he would be back. He even mentioned the year of his return, 1998. Then if he was right about it where is he now?

In his book ‘The reincarnation of Edgar Cayce’, Wynn Free states that the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce is David Wilcock. Wynn Free has researched the claim made by David Wilcock himself that he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.

David Wilcock is not just another ordinary scientist; he calls himself an intuitive researcher and in fact is a psychic gifted person. He claims that he is in contact with the same source ‘Ra’ that was channelled by Carla Rueckert in the ‘Law of One’.

Wynn Free who investigated this claim now thinks that all three Edgar Cayce, Carla Rueckert and David Wilcock were in fact in contact with the same source ‘Ra’. It explains why Edgar Cayce so often made references to the ‘Law of One’! He mentioned the ‘Law of One’ a number of times in his readings in relation with the Atlantean people who were split into two camps, the followers of Belial (rem: Belial is Hebrew meaning ‘without worth’ or ‘without a master’, in the Dead Sea Scrolls he is described as the leader of the Sons of Darkness) and the ‘Law of One’. These camps were at war according to Cayce.

According to David Wilcock, it was Ra who informed him that he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. Further more Ra urged him to reveal his relation with Edgar Cayce to the public. He was shocked to hear this in 1998 (the year mentioned by Cayce for return), because he knew that he would be ridiculed but Wilcock reluctantly went through with it. Wilcock says he prefers to be respected for his scientific work than for his connection with Edgar Cayce. David Wilcock has written three books called the Convergence series, ‘The Shift of the Ages’, ‘The Science of Oneness’ and the ‘Divine Cosmos’.

All three of his extensive research books are getting respect from scientists all over the world. Currently he’s working together with ex-NASA scientist Richard C. Hoagland who claims that NASA is withholding the truth about many things, for one example the energetic changes that are occurring in our Solar System. Wilcock and Hoagland are developing a hyperdimensional aether physics to explain these phenomena and are presenting it within both scientific and public circles. 

Wilcock who has studied the ‘Law of One’ by Carla Rueckert was guided by his spiritual guide Ra to collect proof from scientists all over the world that could corroborate the science dictated by Ra in the ‘Law of One’. The result is collected in the Convergence series.

Now why should we believe a young man like David Wilcock when he claims that he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? Of course only circumstantial evidence can be brought to the stand; however some pieces of the evidence are very convincing. For one thing as a child he was already gifted with psychic powers. Today he gives readings just like Cayce did for his clients. He predicted the attacks on the Twin Towers on the 11th September 2001 in readings that were published on the Internet many years prior to the attacks. Wilcock’s readings are often very cryptic and are best understood in retrospect:

Reading from 12th June 1996:

It's the greatest science fiction story ever told. Someone comes in - Rescue 911. CBS and ABC give it adequate coverage. A cast-iron fence is wrought around the victim's body…

Reading July 9th 1998:

World Trade Center bombing really shook things up. The next time one tries something like this, it will become a much larger story, if the details are worked out properly.


Another amazing fact is that he is the spitting image of the younger Edgar Cayce. The coincidence of facial alikeness doesn’t end with David Wilcock but continues with Wilcock’s and Cayce’s friends. According to Wynn Free it appears as if a group of persons acquainted to Edgar Cayce, reincarnated in this life as the friends of Wilcock again. The most convincing evidence however is the similarity in the astrological charts of the birth dates of both Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock. Astrologer Brian McNaughton discovered that the astronomical charts of the birth dates of both men are of such remarkable similarity as to rule out chance. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars that according to astrology determines a person’ s personality are in the same signs for both the birth date of Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock. McNaughton, starting from the astrological chart of the birth date of Edgar Cayce, determined all the dates between the birth of Edgar Cayce in 1877 and the year 2000 that have the same alignment of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars and found to his astonishment only one date; the exact birth date of David Wilcock!

Although the proof seems rather convincing, the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) that preserves the legacy of Edgar Cayce officially hasn’t recognized David Wilcock as the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. Whether we believe Wilcock’s reincarnation of Edgar Cayce to be true or not doesn’t change the fact that David Wilcock is a very remarkable scientist who has collected scientific evidence to sustain Edgar Cayce predictions and Ra’s physics from the ‘Law of One’.

David Wilcock is actively formulating a new scientific paradigm; he’s blending science and spirituality to a new level of understanding that is no less than a scientific revolution.



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