Chapter 7 Atlantis and the Earth grid


The vibrating aether energy that shapes the atom moment by moment also shapes the planets, the stars and all the rest of the universe in the very same way. The Platonic energy fields at the quantum level should therefore also be found at the macroscopic scale of our own planet Earth. The scale of the wavelengths may be different but the ratio of the interfering aether wavelengths are the same, the ratio is inherently fixed by the geometry of the Platonic solids. Another way of saying the same thing is that atoms, planets and stars are interconnected by the fractal patterns of the Platonic solids. We will demonstrate in this chapter that the Platonic solids also create an energy matrix around the Earth that scientists now call the ‘Earth grid’. 

The Earth grid

A number of scientists have been working on the Earth grid model, but the first one was Ivan P. Sanderson. Sanderson found that the twelve ‘Devil’s Graveyards’ around the world were geometrically spaced from one another. The ‘Devil’s Graveyards’ are the triangular areas in the world where physical anomalies have been reported such as the mysterious disappearances of ships and airplanes for no apparent reason. The most famous of them is the Bermuda triangle; second best known is Devil’s Sea east of Japan. There have been many reports of time and space dilations that were accompanied by loss of compass, altimeters, artificial horizon, loss of radio contact and other strange phenomena that many airplane pilots experienced while flying over the Bermuda triangle. There have been reports of planes that after arrival seemed to have travelled through a different time zone since all watches on board were late by exactly the same time! Sanderson noticed that there are five ‘Devil’s Graveyards’ in the Northern Hemisphere, five in the Southern Hemisphere and two at the poles, twelve in total forming the exact vertices of the icosahedron!

Three Russian scientists, Nikolai Goncharov, Vyacheslav Morozov, and Valery Makarov made the next step in the construction of the Earth grid. They started with Sanderson’s work and added the dodecahedron to the grid pattern.

Bruce Cathie discovered independently the octahedron and cube in the subtle energy fields of the Earth and this was later given the name the Cathie grid. 

Husband and wife scientists William Becker and Bethe Hagens finally put the complete Earth grid symmetry together. Becker is a Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Illinois, Chicago, and Bethe Hagens is a Professor of Anthropology at Governors State University of Illinois. Starting from the icosa-dodecahedron grid they added a special polyhedron developed by sacred geometry explorer R. Buckminster Fuller. The official term of their final Earth grid is the Unified Vector Geometry 120 Polyhedron, or the UVG 120 also called the ‘Earth Star’.

Becker-Hagens grid
(Courtesy of Bethe Hagens,

The Earth grid has been studied at length and it shows many amazing facts since it perfectly outlines the shapes of the continents, mountain ridges, tectonic cracks in the Earth’s crust, ridges at the bottom of the oceans, places of volcanoes, ocean current patterns. All of these geological effects and many more can be mapped onto the Earth grid. The grid pattern of the Earth is attributed to the torsion waves that rush into the Earth. Although torsion waves are very subtle, collectively they become very strong and are able to create real geological effects that are discernable in our Earth’s crust.

The ‘Devil’s Graveyards’ are all situated on the vertices of the icosahedron of the Earth grid. In these places abnormal aether vortexes can occur during rare interplanetary alignments taking place within our Solar System.

According to David Wilcock the different densities of the aether in the universe create many different physical dimensions. Basically there are eight dimensions related to the octave; however every dimension itself can have again eight sub-dimensions. This subdivision can go on and on rendering infinite dimensions within our universe.
The airplanes and boats that mysteriously disappeared in the Bermuda triangle without any wreckage ever being found can be explained by these time and space warping vortexes on the vertices of the icosahedron. The planes and boats may have literally disappeared into another dimension.

One such a vortex location on Earth where physical anomalies can be experienced is the Oregon vortex in the United States. The Oregon vortex is open to the public and is famous for its space and time warps. Strange effects such as the shrinking and expansion of human beings depending on the location within the Oregon vortex can be personally experienced.

                           Oregon vortex, two people trading places also change sizes

 What happens in the Oregon vortex also happens in the Bermuda Triangle only the effects are far stronger and can make planes disappear from this plane of existence.

The Earthgate project

With regard to the Earth grid research, a number of remarkable scientific experiments have been conducted. Especially for these experiments a device named the Earthgate was developed. This device is able to pick up the torsion wave energy of the Earth grid. The design is very basic, it consists of a four-sided pyramid in the top with an elongated inverted pyramid beneath it, along with 4 other tetrahedron shapes at the bottom all made of copper ‘wires’.

In the design of the Earthgate, brass spheres were used that were interconnected by hollow brass pipes and soldered to the spheres. The whole construction is a wire frame of 1.8 m high with a base of 1.10 x 1.10 m.

Earthgate device showing orbs

The whole idea about the Earthgate is that the Platonic geometries that are incorporated in the wire frame are forms that resonate with the spiralling torsion waves of the Earth grid’s energy. The whole construction is a kind of antenna that is tuned to torsion waves. The researcher calls it an ‘acupuncture needle’ punctured in the earth’s energy grid.

In multiple trials, the device was fired up by a group of people projecting their loving intentions towards the Earthgate in a meditation. Special sounds were added as well! When the device was activated, anomalous light spheres, called orbs started to emerge that could be viewed with the naked eye and have been photographed with both normal and infrared photography. The light spheres were translucent and seemed to float in the air.

Magnetometers picked up a strong signal at 3m distances from the Earthgate in the ELF frequency range (extra low frequencies 0-100 Hz). A strong base signal was focused around 7.8 Hz, the frequency of the Schumann resonance along with higher harmonics.

Clairvoyant people that were invited to witness the Earthgate experiment explained that the Earthgate links up with the energy grid of the Earth when the Earthgate was activated and aligned to the North-South axis. Activation of the Earthgate caused cosmic energy to come down from the universe while the same energy moved up from the Earth to flow through the device, according to these psychic observers.

They were able to measure a toroidial energy vortex around the Earthgate; the vortex was measured in a horizontal plane around the Earthgate. The explanation for the anomalies created by the Earthgate is that the scalar waves or torsion wave fields that are omnipresent in the physical vacuum cause these anomalous light effects. One believes that the Earthgate works really like an acupuncture needle and that it enhances and balances the Earth grid.

Ley Lines and megalithic structures

The amazing truth of the matter is that mankind has known about the existence of an Earth encompassing energy grid for at least thousands of years. The Earth grid has simply been rediscovered in the 21st century. We now have irrefutable proof that the ‘primitive cultures’ of the past, the ancient cultures that had such a ‘limited understanding of physics’ knew about the subtle energies of the Earth and its grid pattern!

The fact is that the Earth grid itself is laid down in stone all around the world. The Earth grid are the Ley lines that have been marked by megalithic structures including dolmens, menhirs and stone circles around the Earth. Megalithic structures are found all over the world depicting the precise location of the Earth’s energy lines. In the United Kingdom places like Avebury and Stonehenge for example are situated on powerful Ley lines.

Ley lines are found all over the world and many cultures in the past have referred to the Earth’s energy lines in various ways, the Chinese called them the dragon currents in the old art of Feng-shui, the art of balancing and harmonizing the land. By building pagodas, temples and stones structures they believed that it helped to heal the Earth. Feng-shui is to the land what acupuncture is to the body, it regulates the flow of Chi, the invisible aetheric life force.

The Australian aborigines referred to energy grid lines as the dream lines that could be experienced in their dreamtime (a state of heightened awareness).

When the Earth grid was finally in place it was discovered that all pyramids and ziggurats (flat topped pyramids), sacred temple complexes and stone circles around the world were placed on the vertices of the Earth grid. We mention the temples of the Mayas in Yucatan, the pyramids at the Giza plateau and the white pyramid in Tibet. The Great Pyramid at the Giza plateau, the pyramid of Khufu (Cheops in Greek) is the most important one because it is situated exactly on the north pole of the Earth grid matrix. The reason why the ancients have chosen the Giza plateau for the location of the Great Pyramid is because this location has the world’s strongest aether vortex.

Most people know pyramids only from the ones in Egypt and Mexico, but pyramids are scattered all over the world in China, Japan, Ecuador, and El Salvador. Mexico (Chichen Itza), Guatemala, Peru (Machu Picchu). Some archaeologists believe that pyramids can be found in Europe as well. They have found anomalous hills covered by earth that have the shape of a pyramid in England at Silbury Hill, in Italy in Montevecchia (3 possible pyramid shapes) and Germany.

The place where the Great Pyramid is built is very special; it is the only place on Earth where the longest stretches of landmass are found in relation to water. When the Earth is circumscribed by a circle drawn through the Great Pyramid, then the total area of land on the circle exceeds the area of water far more in this place than in any other place on Earth. This was probably recognised in ancient times and it was for this reason that the zero degrees meridian, the Prime meridian was marked by one of the most amazing structures in the world, the Great Pyramid.


The lost continents

Edgar Cayce was very sure about the fact that Atlantis was not a myth and he predicted that proof of the mythological continent of Atlantis would eventually be discovered. Atlantis according to Edgar Cayce was destroyed in three major periods of inundations spreading over thousands of years. The third and final destruction was a cataclysm, a pole shift of the Earth that caused the last of the remaining empire of Atlantis to sink in about 10.500 BC. Besides Atlantis, Edgar Cayce also mentioned the existence of the civilizations of Lemuria or Mu in nowadays Asia. Mu like Atlantis was a highly developed civilization that collapsed around 50.000 BC. Survivors of the catastrophe fled to countries like China and Japan.

The current consensus by historians is that the first civilizations that emerged are of Sumerian and Babylonian origins. These civilizations quite suddenly and in a relatively short time span emerged some 5000 years ago from the Stone Age. If remains of Atlantis were to be found, this discovery would certainly revolutionize our world and we would be forced to rewrite history books.

Edgar Cayce was by no means vague about Atlantis; in 1933 he quite precisely predicted that the remains of Atlantis would be found in 1968 or 1969 near the coast of the United States. He pinpointed to Bimini, an island in the Bahamas where eventually remains of temples would be found under the muddy sand of the ocean. According the Cayce, Bimini was once part of the lost empire of Atlantis named Poseidia, the name of the sea God mentioned by Plato.

Cayce’s predictions came to pass when in 1968 a civilian pilot flying over the waters of Bimini discovered an underwater structure that became later known as the Bimini Road. The Bimini Road is man made road with a length of several hundreds of meters and has been studied by the University of Miami Professor Manson Valentine who revealed this news to the media. Ever since Professor Valentine’s discoveries were made public, flocks of researchers have swarmed to the Bahamas and Cuba to get their fair share in what could have been the discovery of Atlantis.

Researchers today are looking for the remains of the lost mythological civilizations of Atlantis and Mu or Lemuria all over the world and some of them have already reported some very astonishing findings. The Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) that preserves Edgar Cayce’s legacy have formed a team of experts who are diving for the remains of Atlantis in the waters around Cuba and the Bahamas. They found a large underwater platform near Andros Island in the winter of 2003. The discoverers hypothesised that they had found the remains of a huge ancient port. 

In the waters near Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula in the summer of 2000 a research group headed by Russian researcher Paulina Zelitsky found mysterious megalithic structures at depths of 600 to 750m which they called MEGA. In October 2004 the same group headed back to the same location to research what they believe to be the Mayan Atlantis. In 2001 colleagues of Zelitsky discovered another huge land plateau in the same region between Yucatan and Cuba in a deep trench with sonar technology that showed clear shapes of roads, buildings and pyramids. Using undersea robots they also made video images of white sands with in the middle clearly distinguishable large sized man made structures.

While conventional research is being performed by divers looking for the lost continent underwater, a total new field of archaeology has emerged, the application of satellite imagery from space. Satellites have discovered undulations on the ocean floor near the Bahamas the size of mountains that are spaced in geometrical patterns that may well be pyramids. These discoveries were made by a company named ‘Satellite Discoveries’. This company helps archaeologists and other researchers in their archaeological quest. The company publishes an e-zine magazine ‘Mysteries Unsealed Online Magazine’ on the internet that keeps updates on the progress of their work.

Satellite pictures made off the coast of Florida, show straight lines on the floor of the ocean that are hundreds of kilometres long and are like trenches in perfect straight lines. These lines must be artificial because of their impossible length and straightness. It is highly unlikely they were caused by tectonic Earth plate movement, because they found Earth cracks that even run perpendicular to these lines. Similar lines have been found near the coast of Africa, South America, The Azores and Europe. It seems there is a huge megalithic underwater network that is interconnected with super megalithic structures (pyramids). The constructions may have been above water in ancient times and could well be the remains of the lost civilisation of Atlantis. Digitally enhanced satellite pictures possibly reveal the structures of underwater super sized pyramids, places that appear to be cities and other large megalithic structures. Further investigations are required but if in fact it can be proven that these structures are artificial it seems that Atlantis is rising. Satellite Discoveries are raising funds and inviting scientists to investigate these underwater constructions further.

In 1995, off the coast of Japan near Okinawa large underwater structures were found that could be the remains of a castle. The architecture resembles the architecture of nearby castles still on land. The sites are under research by Professor Masaki Kimura, marine biologist of the University of Ryukyus in Okinawa. Professor Kimura believes that the structures must be manmade by a lost civilisation. They even found roads underwater that prove they must have been manmade.
Professor of Geology Teruaki Ishii at the Tokyo University suggest that the structures must be dated back to 8,000 B.C. Others believe that they are much older and may well be 12.000 years old.

Structures in the waters near Okinawa, Japan  

In March 1995 in another location in the waters of Okinawa divers found the remains of an ancient city spread over an area of hundreds of square kilometres. They found streets, boulevards, arched structures, staircases carved out of stone and welded together. A few months later off the shore of the island Yonaguni, 300 air miles south of Okinawa in shallow water they even found a huge pyramid!

The news about the submerged city and the pyramid made headline news for more than a year in Japan but this striking news fact has been totally neglected outside of Japan. Speculations are that the remains that are found are remnants of the legendary civilization of Lemuria or Mu.

On the 15th November 2004 the discovery of Plato’s Atlantis City made European headline news when an American expedition team lead by Robert Sarmast held a press conference claiming to have found its remains. Robert Sarmast says he has found the city with its circular canals just like Plato has described it. The city supposedly lies 1.5 km below sea level covered under meters of sea sediment, 80 km southeast off the coast of Cyprus. After a 6 days expedition and sonar scanning of the area, he returned with proof of manmade structures, including a 3 km long wall, deep trenches and meandering riverbeds. Sarmast says he compared 50 clues derived from the books of Plato with the actual site and definitely identified this site as the city of Atlantis with its Acropolis Hill. His expedition included members who also joined in the expedition that discovered the wreckage of the Titanic. Being very sure of his case from the preparations made in 2003 leading to the expedition in 2004, he wrote the book ‘The Discovery of Atlantis – the startling case for the Island of Cyprus’ (Origin Press 2003) that has become a bestseller among tourists on Cyprus already.

Employing the same underwater archaeological technology of sonar scanning used on the seafloor in the waters off Cyprus, India’s National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) discovered underwater geometric structures at depths of 6 metres in the Gulf of Cambay off the coast of Gujurat. The ensuing marine archaeological explorations revealed man-made formations of at least two cities and actual artefacts have been recovered from these sites such as pottery, jewellery and human bones. It has attracted a lot of attention since historians believe to have found one of the seven sacred pilgrimage places of ancient India, the city of Dwarka, according to Sanskrit literature founded by Lord Krishna. The city built on the banks of a river, supposedly submerged in the sea after Krishna’s death. Dwarka’s discovery is of immense importance to the Indian cultural and religious heritage and for many it has already removed the lingering doubt about the historical validity of Vedic scriptures and the real existence of Krishna.

Discussions are continuing about the age of these sites and estimates vary considerably, from early history to the late medieval period. However, Western historians may have to review their assumptions for the start of Indian civilisation in the Indus Valley somewhere around 2500 BC. as further investigations ensue. Artefacts, carbon dated 8,500 to 9,500 BC, were recovered in January 2002 that could be indications that the city was of much older civilisation.

Researcher John Michell author of the book ‘New view over Atlantis’ believes that all of these structures both on the land and under water belonged to a geomantic tradition that was once universally known all over the Earth. Michell states in his book ‘We live within the ruins of an ancient structure whose vast size has hitherto rendered it invisible’.

The major regions where pyramids are found are in the Earth grid’s 0 degrees longitude zone (Egypt, Giza plateau), the 120 degrees longitude zone (Kukulkan, Meso America, Maya and Aztec pyramids) and the 240 degrees longitude zone (Japan, underwater pyramids). These three zones are not coincidental; they mark the strongest energy lines of the Earth grid that are defined by the Platonic tetrahedron shape, the three-faced pyramid!

The most likely explanation for all the pyramids that are found under water and on the land is that they are the legacies of the lost civilizations of Atlantis and Mu or Lemuria. These civilizations must have had knowledge of the aether and the Earth grid.

Pyramid Power

What is so special about pyramids? Why are they found all over the world and why over the Earth grid?

Egyptologists tell us that the Egyptians built the pyramids in Egypt serving as burial sites for the pharaohs. However no mummy was ever found in the Great Pyramid that was named after Khufu, the Pharaoh that supposedly has been buried there. In later Egyptian times pyramids were built of a far lesser quality than the enigmatic Great Pyramid and these pyramids have certainly been used as burial sites. However a number of archaeologists now believe that earlier pyramids such as the one at the Giza plateau served a totally different purpose.

To find out what pyramids are for, 20 large pyramids were built in 8 different locations in Russia from 1990 onwards. They were built near Moscow and in the Ukraine. All pyramids were constructed from fibreglass; the largest in size has a height of 44 meters and weighs 55 tons. Research has been conducted for more than a decade now on these pyramids under supervision of Alexander Golod, director of a Defence Enterprise in Moscow. Many Russian scientists from famous Russian academies in the fields of medical science, biophysics and physics were involved in the pyramid studies.

Russian pyramid
(Courtesy of Alexander Golod,

They have collected a lot of data indicating that the pyramids exhibit a hitherto unknown ‘pyramid power’. Studies revealed that pyramids can increases the immune system of organisms leading to a better health. Agricultural seeds that were placed inside the pyramid for 1 to 5 days yielded a crop increase of 30 to a 100%. The Russian military measured a column of energy right above the pyramid extending for several kilometres into the air. Amazing enough the ozone layer improved over the area of the pyramids and seismic activity in the region diminished. A nearby oil well yielded a better production since the oil had become less viscous. The reports were confirmed by the Russian academy of Oil and Gas.
Another amazing effect of pyramid power is the effect it seems to have on human consciousness. Experiments were conducted with 5000 criminals in jails in Russia who were secretly fed pyramid energy induced in salt and pepper in their food. Studies showed that within months crimes inside the jails had almost disappeared and that the overall behaviour of the inmates had improved.

Also medicines were tested after being exposed to the pyramid power, their potency increased and the side effects diminished.

Tests were also conducted with radioactive waste from nuclear power plants, tests showed a reduction in the level of radioactivity after being exposed to the pyramid power inside the pyramid.

Ordinary water did not freeze even at 40 degrees below zero and it retained in its liquid state for years. Synthesized diamonds turned out harder and were purified!

Now all of these effects prove that the pyramid power is real and the Soviets were so convinced about its effect that Alexander Golod succeeded in convincing the Russian government in 1998 to take samples of crystalline substances that were energized inside the pyramids onboard the MIR space station for the good of the space station in particular and the entire world in general!

Another amazing report on pyramid energy comes from Mr Kirti Betai. In Agra India, Mr Kirti Betai has built 36.000 small pyramids and put them into a special configuration forming a pyramid energy healing system. He has founded the Daya Dhaar Self Care Center, a non-profit organization. Pyramid treatments are free of charge and without reservation available to anyone.

Mr Betai has already helped ten thousands of people who have visited his center. He has claims of ‘miraculous’ healings from ailments that are incurable and he is inviting scientist to come and study his work.

He built the pyramid construction to heal himself from a liver and kidney failure that was the result of a wrong drug administration. Among his patients he also cured his wife who suffered from chronic asthma. He claims to have healed a woman diagnosed with muscular dystrophy with treatment lasting two years. When she entered the programme she couldn’t stand on her own feet, but after two years she was able to stand up for as long as 45 minutes. Blood samples indicated that she was cured from the disease.


The Greek word for pyramid is pyramidos and is contains the word ‘pyr’ meaning ‘fire’ and ‘amid’ meaning ‘in the middle’. So pyramid really means ‘fire in the middle’. Russian research has shown that the pyramid’s power is indeed a ‘fire’ in the pyramid’s interior.

The pyramid’s shape seems to acts as an antenna for the spiralling torsion waves. It is assumed that a pyramid focuses torsion waves from the Earth grid into its center. The megalithic stones and structures placed on the meridians of the Earth grid are the acupuncture needles in the energy body of Gaia, just like the research with the Earthgate device has demonstrated. Supposedly the megalithic infrastructure was built by highly advanced ancient civilizations to protect us from cosmic influences and used to stabilize the aura, the aether energy fields of the Earth.

There is now circumstantial evidence to suggest that the megalithic infrastructure was used by the Atlantean civilization to stabilize the tectonic plate movements that caused Earthquakes and volcanic activity around the world. However the Atlanteans could not prevent a pole shift that eventually led to the destruction of Atlantis.

All of the discoveries mentioned in this chapter show us that we drastically need to re-evaluate and rethink every book that has been written about human history.

If you’re still not convinced that highly civilized cultures pre-dated our current civilization just have a look at these hieroglyphs that were found on the Egyptian temple wall at Abydos.

Wall of the Egyptian Abydos Temple
     (Image used with permission of Elysian Publishing,,
      which provides educational services on Sacred Geometry)

It doesn’t take much imagination to see from left to right a helicopter, a submarine, a UFO, and an airplane. Now what do we really know about the Egyptians? Let’s have a look in the next chapter at the most intriguing and mysterious construction every made by man, the Great Pyramid at the Giza plateau and see how scientist have started to unravel this enigma. Indications are that the Great Pyramid must not be attributed to the Egyptians but to the Atlanteans.



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