24 october 2008
Book introduction Zagreb, Croatia


Budenje duša distorzije

Konvergencija znanosti i duhovnosti



On Friday 24th October 2008 the Croatian translation of my book ‘Souls of Distortion Awakening’ titled ‘Budenje duša distorzije’, was  introduced in Zagreb to the public. At the same time the organizers of this event launched their new company called ‘Postkvantnost d.o.o.’. The mission statement of ‘Postkvantnost’ d.o.o.’is to spread  ‘post quantum era knowledge’ and to train and educate managers in this new emerging scientific paradigm.


Westin Zagreb, 17th floor

5 Star Westin Hotel Zagreb


The director of ‘Postkvantnost d.o.o. is Mr. Siniša Bašić , and his two associates are Mr. Edo Kosović and Mr Mladen Kvaternik. Mladen Kvaternik is also the translator of my book.   

Around 60 persons attended the meeting. Invited were two professors from the local university and three high ranking representatives of the Moslem community in Croatia. Among the guests were also people working already within the post quantum paradigm such as practitioners using new bio-energy healing techniques including a doctor. Although members of the press were invited to the meeting and two radio interviews had been planned for the weekend including a TV station recording, these appointments were cancelled two days before the event due to time constraints and my personal hesitation to do a TV presentation without the possibility of a proper preparation. It was decided to hold a private meeting instead and postpone all interviews to a future event.

Attendees of the meeting

The meeting was held in the conference room on the 17th floor of the Westin hotel in Zagreb with a great view over the city. The meeting started with an introduction by Mr Edo Kosović, a former Croatian politician. Mr Kosović’s introduction was followed by my speech that was simultaneously translated by Mr. Mladen Kvaternik into Croatian. The entire speech can be read here.



Speech J. Wicherink

After the speech the world famous Croatian opera singer Boris Martinovic sang three Opera songs performing along with his own step son. With a great view over Zagreb from where Zagreb’s magnificent Opera building can be seen, Boris Martinović his recital sounded like he was performing on stage of the Opera building itself and all of this while his piano was slightly out of tune, much to the dislike of the singer. I doubt the public ever noticed it.

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Opera recital

Boris Martinović


Opera building Zagreb

After the Opera performance it was time to do some book signing followed by a cocktail party allowing me to answer questions and talk with the guests. One of the guests had come all the way from Belgium by car just to be here in Zagreb at the meeting. I also had the pleasure of meeting the corrector of the Croatian translator of my book.  


Book signing


Cocktails and Buffet

My stay in Zagreb lasted until Sunday and I was able to do some sightseeing of Zagreb, including a visit to the cathedral. On Saturday morning we paid a visit to the Mosque of Zagreb at the invitation of Moslem leaders of Croatia. This meeting was very inspirational and controversial subjects such as Moslem fundamentalism, Fitna and Geert Wilders were discussed in an atmosphere of mutual respect.


Meeting at the Mosque

My hosts, Mr. Bašić, Mr. Kvaternik and Mr. Kosović were very hospitable and I have enjoyed the local fish restaurants that got the best fish that I have ever tasted.  To me my book introduction was a great success and I really enjoyed my pleasant stay in Zagreb. I hope I will be able to return to Zagreb in the future to do the interviews that have been postponed.


I had a great time! Thanks Mladen, Siniša, Edo, Mirsada and Jelena!

Eindhoven, 28 october 2008

J. Wicherink


Last but not least, l really loved the Kroatian kitchen:

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