Frequency Fields at the Cellular Level
by Stephen Linsteadt, NHD


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Dr. Kikuo Chishima, a Japanese professor whose credentials and work will be examined in more detail below, theorized that the energetic or frequency information in the food we eat is even more important than the nutrients. Food contains molecular compounds of amino acids, complex carbohydrate chains and various chemical elements, each having their own unique frequency or vibration. It is the vibrations of the nutrients that raise the vibrations of the body's tissue. Pesticide and chemical laden fruits and vegetables, as well as animal protein contaminated with antibiotics and growth hormones, have chaotic vibratory oscillations that act to derail the high coherence of our nutritional energy needs. Thus, our food has to be in the utmost coherent energy state because that is what is taken into our cells in the form of biophoton energy. In addition, our mental state creates an energy field around us that affects the vibration of the food we are preparing or putting into our mouths.

This article also describes the exciting research of German biophysicist Fritz Albert Popp, Ph.D., a Nobel Prize winner in physics, who investigated the relationship between coherence and the biophoton energy in our cells. Popp used highly sensitive light-measuring equipment to monitor the light emitted by living cells. He was able to confirm that living cells emit small bursts of light. He determined that cells do not just radiate light, they also absorb light. In fact, the storage time is relative to the quality of the cell. Therefore, a healthy cell will store light the longest, while an unhealthy cell will give off the light in a shorter time. He also discovered that the dying process of a cell is identical to that of a star. Shortly before its death, it will change into a supernova, whereby its radiation increases a thousand-fold, He further discovered that a healthy cell radiates coherent light, while a diseased cell radiates chaotic light.

According to Popp, every cell in our body receives coherent light, stores coherent light, and emits coherent light.1 The most basic sub-molecular component of our body is made up of particles of light called biophotons. These biophotons, traveling at the speed of light, make up the electromagnetic frequency patterns that are found in every living organism. This matrix or field of frequency oscillations or resonance specificity provides the energetic switchboarding behind every cellular function, including DNA/RNA messengering. Cell membranes scan and convert signals into electromagnetic events as proteins within the cell's bi-layer change shape to vibrations of specific resonant frequencies.2 Every biochemical reaction is proceeded by an electromagnetic signal. Cells communicate both electromagnetically and chemically and create biochemical pathways that interconnect with all functions of the body.

Dr. Kikuo Chishima, Professor of the Nagoya Commercial University, Japan, and author of a nine volume collection of his research and scientific studies called "Revolution of Biology and Medicine: A New Theory on the Life Science and Its Practical Application to Health & Disease," is best known for his studies demonstrating that the origin of red blood corpuscles is not the bone marrow but the intestinal villus, and that red blood corpuscles differentiate into all kinds of somatic cells and germ cells in accordance with their cellular resonant environmental conditions.

Dr. Kikuo Chishima theorized that the intestinal villi act like small antennae that absorb both nutrients as well as energetic or frequency information from the food we eat. These red blood cells or erythrocytes respond to specific biophoton oscillations and aggregate, fuse, synthesize DNA and differentiate into lymphocyte or mesenchymal cells.3

Dr. Chishima's work offers some insight into current day quantum physics theories that remind us that at the sub-atomic level matter does not exist. There is only energy; bits of photons with lots of empty space around them. DNA has been thought to be the center of the definition of life. At closer inspection we find that DNA is made up of molecules, which are made up of sub-atomic particles and we end up back at the level of biophotons again. It is interesting to note that, although DNA goes under the name of an acid, it is actually a salt (sodium).4 Sodium, as we know, is one of the body's important electrolytes and a conductor of electromagnetism. It is a linear, one-dimensional crystal.3

The cell's inner most center is made up of ribonucleic acid and proteins (all molecules). The antenna or filament strand like configuration of DNA allows the molecules to receive and transmit electromagnetic frequency information along its nucleotide bases, creating resonance reactions within targeted genetic or nucleotide triplets that create the template for the formation of messenger RNA (mRNA). Once mRNA has formed it leaves the cell nucleus and attaches to structures known as ribosomes. Using raw material from the cell, the ribosomes produce proteins by following the sequence as instructed by the mRNA. The proteins in turn go about doing their jobs inside or outside the cell based on the original instructions passed down from the electromagnetic coding to DNA to RNA and finally to the ribosomes. This process is known as transcription and provides the means for electromagnetic frequency oscillations, the body's master conductor, to interact with the cell's command center to instruct what notes to play, when, how loud, how long, etc., etc. in order to maintain the precision and harmony of the whole body's vibratory and cellular orchestra.

To reduce our DNA to the point of sub-atomic particles of energy may leave us wondering what is left. Our bodies have now totally disappeared into a sea of energy that is seemingly under the control of a superconscious energy field. From this vantage point we begin to see how we are interconnected with everything else. We also can begin to understand how it is possible for red blood cells to transform into tissue cells and with enough interference from poor food, stress, environmental toxins, and inner conflicts into cancerous cells. It also begins to explain how it is possible for human limb regeneration to occur without the aid of cellular mitosis.5

An interruption or distortion in the range, strength and coherency of the body's electromagnetic energy system leads to a breakdown in the body's self-healing mechanisms. Our thoughts and emotions are also frequency patterns and have a direct relationship on the integrity of our energy field. A disruption in our consciousness can create an area of stagnation or incoherence in our bodies that can derail DNA transcription, suppress T-cell and NK-cell activity, and other immune system functions and lead to chronic and degenerative illnesses, depression and other psychosis.

Dr. Ralph Alan Dale, the director of the Acupuncture Education Center in North Miami Beach, Florida, after spending the last two decades tracking down clinical and research data from China, Japan, and Germany, has accumulated evidence of eighteen different microacupuncture holograms in the body, including one in the hands, feet, arms, neck, tongue, and even the gums. Dale feels that these microsystems are "holographic reiterations of the gross anatomy," and believes there are still other such systems waiting to be discovered. In a notion reminiscent of Bohm's assertion that every electron in some way contains the cosmos, Dale hypothesizes that every finger, and even every cell, may contain its own acupuncture microsystem.6,7

It is this holographic characteristic of the body's energy field that provides physical, mental, emotional and spiritual feedback into areas of incoherence.

It has been documented that DNA repair can be activated using a frequency of 528hz. At this precise frequency the clustered water molecules that surround and support the DNA structure form a perfect six-sided hexagon.9,10 This demonstrates how important it is to our health and vitality to support and maintain our energetic coherence on all levels of our lives. Even the slightest deviation in resonance on the cellular level can cause the frequency that supports the beautiful and magical six-sided hexagon to become something less coherent. Since every cell encapsulates information about the entire organism, we can see how important it is to our health and vitality to support and maintain our energetic coherence on all levels of our lives.


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