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Dear Friends of Lutec:

There is a web site that we suggest will be of interest to you. It is downloadable so you can listen to a web radio interview featuring Marshall Masters interviewing Jacco Van Der Worp, a Dutch physicist and systems failure analyst who, after lengthy telephone consultations with Lou, has examined the physics behind the control system used in Lutec motors, and has confirmed the validity of the technology. Basically Jacco concludes from an academic stand point, that the controlled periodic interruption of a rotating permanent magnetic field, by the temporary and precise introduction of another magnetic field, causes the secondary effect of the naturally occurring polarity flip of the permanent magnet influence, to be accessed, harnessed, and applied to assist in the rotors on-going revolution direction. And most importantly, he agrees that this flip effect is influenced by voltage rather than current, and also allows the flip back to the original polarity to naturally occur at no cost of current, so the rotor is driven onwards at a very small cost of electricity.

This magnetic field effect is what is covered in our patent applications, but has never before been publicly reviewed by an academic of standing. It is very encouraging to have a notable qualified academic put his name to it, and we are thankful to him for doing so. Over the years there have been several other academics, including one of the world’s most notable professors of power electronics, who after evaluating our technology like Jacco Van Der Worp, also agree with us that it works. Commercial confidence arrangements made by the people paying for that particular analysis prevent us from commenting publicly on their findings, other than to say that the mathematical formula we use to prove the input current, and the method we use to prove the output are correct and irrefutable.

The overall effect of all this allows the motor to run for a relatively insignificant cost of input energy compared to any other electric motor. It is what is causing the Lutec motors and generators to produce such high relative electrical output compared to input, and to run cool. Because fluctuating current is present in the copper coil windings of electric motors there is always significant heat loss evidenced as the coil windings become hot as the motor runs, and even hotter as a load is applied. The heat so evidenced is wasted energy and is found in every other electric motor. If heat is present in the coils, a motor simply can not be over-unity.

All the coil windings in the prototype Lutec motors and generators demonstrate the remarkable ability to run cool, even when subjected to maximum possible load. They all clearly evidence the technology having superior performance characteristics than any other motor, and that is because of the rotating magnetic field control. And that’s what Jacco refers to when he says. “They have done it, they have pinned it down”.

Free energy or free electricity. Jacco says it is not a free energy machine. When Lou and I talk of free energy we are meaning free in monetary terms. We are not saying zero point energy, or ether energy, or that any other mystical energy as yet unmapped is being tapped. What we have is a free energy machine because the majority of the energy/electricity produced by a generator using the patented technology costs next to nothing to produce. That’s close enough to free for me.

In the example quoted by Jacco Van Der Worp 15 times more output than input is given. We know that we can get much bigger returns than that. In fact at present we are demonstrating 19 to 20 times more output than input, using a switching system Lou has designed. It is not solid state electronics, but may yet prove to be suitable to go into the production of a home use size electricity generator.

As a further matter of interest and contrary to Jacco’s comment, this specific means of controlling a rotary device was never “stumbled” upon, it was actively and purposely sought out by Lou, and then further researched, documented, developed and adapted for practical demonstration by Lou and myself. The over unity (more than 100% efficiency) effect displayed and now confirmed by applied physicist Jacco Van Der Worp as having validity was always the goal.

For those technical types it actually displays a pure coefficient of performance by combining three separate field effect characteristics. So we would say that if one was using the terminology of the day, then technically it’s not a free energy machine, but a highly efficient machine with a C.O.P. of 20+ or able to produce 20 times more output than input.

The politics and opinions of Marshall Masters are not those of Lou and me and although we are very pleased he has gone to the trouble to try to help get our technology “out there” there are some comments made on the interview that need clarification by us here.

Firstly the “University” did not just disappear and not want to do any more work on the project. It seems Marshall has misunderstood Lou during a previous interview or on a phone call, and he then thought we were involved with a University here in Australia, and that university has for some sinister reason pulled the plug. That is not so. There is one University where we have very good relations with some of the teaching staff, and still do.

We did engage the services of a private company made up of honors graduates from another Australian university, who have elected to withdraw from their contract to provide a solid state switching system for the motor. It appears their reasons are more from a commercial view than for any other. They certainly have not disappeared.

Marshall also uses very emotive terms including kill off, wipe out, squash and so forth to describe what he thinks is happening to us behind the scenes, and also reckons the US President and Australian government is actively trying to stop us. I doubt this is correct, if they really wanted to do so, they could in a flash and there wouldn’t even be a ripple to show their passing.

Admittedly we have had no direct support from the Australian Federal government or from the Queensland State Government, but we don’t expect any in any case. That’s because our country has a history of letting many of its best ideas go overseas, and having to buy the technology back. There is nothing sinister in that, just a lack of systems within government to allow private individuals to access government assistance. For example they won’t sign non disclosure and confidentiality agreements. This is standard procedure in the world of commerce, designed to protect the interests of inventors. They claim the public service act prevents government employees from talking about confidential matters. Yeah right. The penalty for breach is a paltry ten thousand dollar fine. Selling the secrets of the Lutec technology before patents were in place could have made a dishonest or desperate public servant an overnight multi millionaire, and disqualified us from being able to obtain patent protection over our invention. That makes it difficult to progress a technology with government assistance when you are a struggling inventor.

If the Federal government that had invested one million dollars in Lutec technology five years ago, and so sped up the development, production, manufacture, and sale of the products using the technology, the return may have made them a thousand times the investment by now. And also gained international kudos, green house credits to burn, helped save the planet, provided electricity through the biggest storms and disasters, and backed up the ailing grid power system. Imagine the political brownie points they could have gained with the Australian people, you wouldn’t be able to get them out of power with a crow bar. . Jacco Van Der Worp estimates that there is the need right now for millions of these little generators in the USA alone, there is no doubt he is right. Do the sums for yourself. Government taxes earned and the flow-on effect from employment of the huge labor force needed to support the massive potential for export, would amount to billions of dollars in government earnings. Even the revenue generated from coal exports would not be slowed one iota, because producing small home size generators to every new dwelling built in the USA would alone account for millions of units. That’s just the growth in private housing, not the existing demand, and not even taking into account the growth in industry that is also caused by natural population growth. It seems Australia has missed the boat, although we are still open to them, but there must be countries and companies or corporations out there that would love to have control of this technology. Give us a call and we’ll talk.

Where we stand right now is that we do need a million dollars to complete the technology to where we want it before releasing it in the form of a generator. Jacco is dead right in his evaluation there. We are not looking for a free hand-out, so if you dear reader know anyone who might be interested in becoming involved, with a minimum one hundred and fifty thousand dollars available to contribute, please have them email us at and request information. We will also need their full names, address, and contact phone numbers, this tends to keep the tire kickers away. Enquiries from outside of Australia are welcome.

Please listen to the interview between Marshall Masters and Jacco Van Der Worp, it is certain to be interesting and educational, exciting, and encouraging for those waiting for clean green sustainable energy to finally be introduced and to improve their own, their children’s and grand children’s quality of life and assist our global environment.

I apologize for my slackness in replying to your emails. The stream of mail has slowed comparative to the early days, but even so is still daunting and generally the writers ask questions that are answered on our web site, so I don’t answer those. Any questions of a technical nature should be referred to Lou for him to answer, that might make things work a bit faster.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far.

John and Lou.
June 2005.

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