Potential vortex, new discovered properties of the
electric field are fundamentally changing
the physical world view.
by prof. Dr.-Ing Konstantin Meyl


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In his books, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl develops a consistent fieldtheory which allows all known interactions to be derived from. Instead of the usually used Maxwell equation, he chooses the original law of induction discovered by Faraday as a hypothetical factor and prooves the electric vortex being part of it. This potential vortex spreads scalar-like in space, a longitudinal electric wave which properties have been already prooven a century ago by Nicola Tesla and can be studied in a historical replica by everyone.

The field theory, according to Meyl, is rid of postulates but still enables new interpretations of several principles of electrical engineering and atom physics and leads to feasible interpretations of some physical experiments, which haven't been able to be explained within the view of present theory yet. For example, quantum characteristics of elementar particles can be calculated when interpreted as a vortex. As well, a lot of neutrino experiments can be explained when the neutrinos are understood as vortex. According to this; neutrino power is possible to be used for energy recovery. The dielectric loss of a capacitor emerges as vortex loss and in consideration of environmental sustainability, new substantial aspects result by the revised theory, concerning electromagnetic pollution.

Due to the fact that the introduced theory is based on an extension of the maxwell theory, it comprises the classic theory as a special case which means all classic physical laws remain in force.

In the enhanced view of potential vortex, the physical comprehension becomes more objective. Standing equal to the Einstein theory the Meyl theory explains, beside interactions, what temperature is which conventional theories haven't been able yet.

Prof. Meyl has written numerous books. In his lectures at the Technical University of Berlin, University of Clausthal or at the University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen as well as in his end-of-week seminars it is possible to get to know the potential vortex and the objectivity theory better and to discuss with the author.

Prof. Meyl shows tesla longitudinal electricity transmission in 2003

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