Why free energy is not free!
by Daniel Winter


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Source: http://www.soulinvitation.com/notfree/

Why Tom Bearden's (and similar) energy devices for extracting (cohereing) Power from the gravity vacuum are DANGEROUS.


(How all humans should sensibly respond to "Bearden Announces FREE Energy").

At the "National Symposium on Non-Conventional Energy Technology in Atlanta. (George Hathaway and Ken MacNeill - mentioned below) - the title of my talk was "Why FREE ENERGY Devices Should NOT Be Called FREE". The irresponsible nature of those who continue to do so needs STRONG emphasis, if our genepool is to survive the soon impending magnetic compression of the sun ( 2004-2012 Solar Maximum / 'Rapture'). Non-destructive compression / scale-invariance (immortality) WILL NOT HAPPEN for Earth's biosphere if this ignorance continues much londer.

To be clear here, I am not saying that we should not develop and test such simple recursion based electro-resonance devices which Bearder is proposing - merely that we should give up the silly childish notion that the inertia which by charge cascading between frequencies due to self-similarity - compression - is somehow FREE energy. Using the term FREE is merely proof of ignorance - of the even greater fragility of this gravity bubble induced by coherence in it's limit condition- fractality - which produces self steering electro-environments (weather, etc.). .. in short the life of 'GAIA'. In order to take responsibility for this system we need to complete the building of charge compression implosion devices which teach us the PRINCIPLE (implosion - like a heart on fire) behind infinite compression of charge to the point of heterodyne acceleration (which physics currently calls gravity). Until then the Bearden boys are not much more advanced than the Russian soldiers who took the faucets and light bulbs from the German homes back to their Russian caves after WWII thinking they would make water and light without plumbing. The plumbing is the conductive array of charge passed between symmetry centers when the Grid which stabilizes gravity is understood and nourished responsibly. (In a culture which today merely wonders in stupid lifeless pallor when their climate goes into chaos just after they cut a mountain ley line in half to install a new highway without even checking whether a magnetic line is going to bleed - something no surgeon would be imprudent enough to do.)

Daniel Winter

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