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Isa and Max and the flying skateboard

A new book from Souls of Distortion Publishing written by Karin Thomas. This book was especially written for children and deals with the same subjects as my own book Souls of Distortion Awakening'

Isa and Max and the flying skateboard
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1 march2010

Isa and her little brother Max think their spring break is going to be a boring holiday. Everything changes when they meet the eccentric professor who lives at the end of their street. With the help of surprising experiments they learn to look at themselves, at each other and at the world in a different way. Then, by accident, they find themselves in unknown dimensions where they encounter extraordinary beings and explore exciting places. Isa and Max learn things they would never have learned in school. At the end of their journey the professor allows them to fly on a skateboard and they realize that anything, and we really mean anything, is possible. An exciting adventure revolving around new science and spirituality for the young and old.



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